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Event HiPoCON Technology Show & Conference
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 | 8:00am-5:00pm
Delta Hotels by Marriott, Fargo, North Dakota

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Session A (Morning) Choose one
What Threats Are You Missing In Encrypted Traffic?

Join us for a live demonstration that reveals many examples of the threats you are missing in encrypted traffic.  We will also cover how A10 provides visibility to this traffic with our easy to deploy SSL Insight platform.

Presented by A10 Networks



Aruba 8400 Switch Series

The Aruba 8400 Switch is a breakthrough in core innovation and extends intelligence in the Mobile First Architecture from the edge to the core. This means that Aruba now has a complete end-to-end switching portfolio for the entire campus and that we can now arm IT with insights, automation and programmability.

Presented by Aruba (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company)



Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) – Why all the Hype?

Our customers have spoken, and we’ve listened. With the increasing landscape of threats, the firewall has become an increasingly important and complex gateway to your network. Learn why FWaaS has become the fastest growing service offering within High Point Networks.

Presented by High Point Networks



Microsoft Roadmap: To Insanity and Beyond

What is Microsoft up to now?  Just returning from the July Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference in DC, High Point Networks will share some Microsoft Roadmap information on Windows 10, Server 2016, Hyper-V, and O365.

Presented by High Point Networks



SDSN - A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

Cyber crime is a massive, organized business that generates over $2 trillion a year. To address a risk of this magnitude, enterprises need to think differently about security and consider a new option—an option in which your network components are orchestrated into an end-to-end defense domain. With a Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) from Juniper, your business can benefit from unified defense across multivendor environments, private clouds, and public clouds.

Presented by Juniper Networks


Session B (Early Afternoon) Choose one
Mission Critical – Early Detection To Take Appropriate Action

Axis will be showing some of the latest analytic technology, including Axis Perimeter Defender and Axis Radar integrated with IP speakers and other technologies for minimum detection time to stop intruders before they get in. The goal is to help you take a more proactive approach to perimeter security.

Presented by Axis Communications



Extreme Fabric Connect and Fabric Attach

Overview of new Extreme technology in light of our purchase of Fabric Connect and Fabric Attach technologies enabling a more simplified administration and greater overall network efficiency.  Specific information around plans on how this interacts, etc. with an existing EXOS environment.

Presented by Extreme Networks



Password Cracking 101

Let's go over the how, what ,and why of password cracking. High Point Networks will cover how hashed passwords can be recovered, what tools are used to crack hashed passwords, and how you can protect yourself and your organization.

Presented by High Point Networks



What’s up with ShoreTel, Mitel and the Communications Industry?!

ShoreTel and Mitel are coming together as the Unified Communications industry continues to evolve. Some players are dropping out of the market, some are failing financially but the future looks strong as two major players are teaming up to lead the industry into the future!

Presented by ShoreTel



Protecting your Digital Assets and Business Continuity

The only thing harder than defending yourself against Ransomware is explaining why you didn’t protect yourself from an attack.  This 30 minute session will discuss challenges IT professional face today and best practices around backup and disaster recovery.  

Presented by Unitrends



Session C (Late Afternoon) Choose one
Defeat Ransomware!

Data is the new money and cyber criminals want to hold you hostage. Don’t be the next victim of ransomware. Learn how to protect your data and stop ransomware with Cisco technologies.

Presented by Cisco



Back up as a Service (BaaS) - HPN Has Your Back

Backups are often an overlooked part of business operations but are one of the most critical to have in an emergency. Learn how High Point Network’s Backup as a Service program ensures you have a reliable backup plan, created and maintained by certified Veeam engineers, allowing your company to focus on what it does best.

Presented by High Point Networks


What Happens In the First 60 Minutes of a Breach?

This breakout will discuss various technicalities that occur during a breach and what it means to the end-user or company. Included will be combinations of 'technical talk' and short videos to display how important layered approaches in security really are. Once a breach happens, an Incident Response or Compromise Assessment is a must. Simply wiping a machine will not clear the breach and make the environment safe.

Presented by Infogressive

Coming Disruption in Cyber Security

In a world where the number of connected devices, cloud adoption and compute power are exponentially growing, global infrastructure and private citizens are more vulnerable than ever. We will lay out how in the future, best-of-breed point security technologies developed by hundreds of different vendors and real platforms will converge. He will elaborate on the forthcoming new model for the entire industry (and the accompanying business disruption) that provides dramatically better security in terms of speed, simplicity and leverage for all organizations to achieve a significant advantage against cybercriminals.

Presented by Palo Alto Networks


Why You Should Have A Multi-Engine Sandbox Protecting Your Data

Learn how SonicWall next-generation firewalls provide effective ransomware prevention, with a layered approach on top of our multi-engine cloud-based SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service.

Presented by SonicWALL